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Welcome to sailing yacht Alishan

Read more about the adventures and boat-projects on board of Alishan

August log

Well, first of all we can say that August (and the better part of September) was marked by very Hot Weather with…..too many typhoon hits here in Fukuoka (3 in as many weeks).

Thanks for asking, but all went well with us in those windbags…: once we saw a barometer of 951, more than a few times 45+ knots of wind and heaps of horizontal rain.

The only damage was a blown away radar reflector from the top of the mast!

Anyway, typhoons in our harbor are for 99% welcome, ahumhum,…it’s just the hassle we don’t like: setting out (and afterwards cleaning up) extra anchors and running 3x 250+ meters of line, all the way across to the other wall. Stripping sails and awnings, putting extra fenders between the boats, buying food for 3 days in advance, having to keep the cats locked inside (they might be blown over the side), ect. ect…..

(@ the moment of writing this report, Sept. 25 …an other typhoon is heading towards us)

*** typhoon 18***

The X from typhoon #18 on this map is exactly were we are. The bar is 945, average wind speed in the center is 40m/s (equals 80+ knots ) and the movement of the typhoon is 40 km/h NE…and that was our luck as that fast movement NE reduced most of the true wind speed at our location.

However, we also made some sea miles under sail: On a sunny afternoon we went to Iki Island, about 45 miles NW of Fukuoka. What a nice sail that was! Once there it was time for snorkeling (Marijke for shell & fish life and Yap to clean the prop etc), reading and other good cruising stuff. Even gave the aircon a first run: works perfectly (outside temp 33+C, inside soon 25), but do we like it?? Don’t think so as we have to keep the boat closed, have to run the generator, sit inside….

***Ashi Be***

Getting ready for an other hot day: Ashi Be, NE corner of Iki Island, very early am.

***Iki West Coast***

This photo also shows how “bad” the visibility is here in West Japan, due to the Warm Water flow from the south: the Kuro Shio. Blue skies but only a few miles visibility.

So Japanese.

On the way home to Fukuoka, we made contact with our friends on Argo, a brand-new Bavaria 38. A yacht brand that doesn’t come for small $$…but oh boy, the guys in the factory connected the engine cooling water intake with only 1 belt clip…so guess what? The hose came off and the pump impellor blew up (a spare was not on board, had to come from Europe!!), but…. Good old Alishan was there to give them a tow:

***Argo under tow***

Then one Hot Sunny Sunday, we joined some friends in a Waterfall Shower Climb (!?)

Together with another 1000 enthusiasts we “raced” from the bottom to the top of this friendly waterfall~river in the mountains around the corner from us.

Fun+ safety was rule # 1 and that indeed was the case. Everybody was wearing a helmet and a life jacket, we all enjoyed the odd slide down, nose under water and…ended up with blue hips, knees and shins. But amazingly, there were no major injuries, as far as we know.

In the end it was even “shivering cold ”… We’d forgotten what that felt like.

***take no bori***

If we are still in town next year…we’ll be racing again!

Boat projects?…..Have been few and small due to the Hot Weather, the typhoons and our small trips. But we did do some work on Jan Haring, as our good old friend for over 20 years will leave us for Osaka sometime in October.