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Welcome to sailing yacht Alishan

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Tsushima report

On our way to Tsushima...........

That was an early morning start, last weekend in April. This time of the year, the mornings are still chilly, hence the coat.

Wind and sea forecast looked super, so, off we were for the 65 miles to Tsushima, an island half way between Fukuoka and Korea.

And indeed it was nice sailing, just 1 tack with at the end 20 knots of wind speed over deck. All was well o/b Alishan and only Wakame (our youngest cat) suffered some seasickness…poor chibi. But for the rest of the holiday she was okay, and enjoyed her “sea life”

See here our landfall Izuhara port. The main port for the island with ferry connections to mainland Kyushu. Finding the harbor entrance was easy…just follow the ferries…

In Izuhara port there are enough corners to park your boat: mind you, it could be a bit bumpy by times when the numerous Ika (squid) boats are moving in and out…

So don’t forget to bring those BIG orange fenders Yap!!

Of course this is an exemption on how and where to park your boat for the night…Private jetty.

It is part of a new development with…a hot spring around the corner!

There are numerous little coves and harbors to park for the night…but be aware of the oyster/pearl farms.

Anchoring is a bit the pits as most places have rocky bottoms.

Tsushima has been made into 2 islands a couple of hundred years ago; they made a pass mid-through the island from E/W….as part of maritime war games. And indeed the pass is wide

(And the bridge high --) enough for Alishan... Mind you on our way back we did run into a 5 knot current…good old Yanmar had no problems, but we were happy we didn’t meet any traffic from the other direction as there wouldn’t be much water left for 2 vessels at the same time…

See here a shot at Aso Wan. It is wide open to the West, and inside it’s nice cruising. Not the best for sailing as due to the hills the wind goes around the clock and there are numerous pearl farms…

We didn’t see any other sailboats.

The fishermen face a problem here. Even for Japan, there is still “too” much fish, but transport to the “mainland” is expensive, so the fish is kept in net tanks until the truck/ferry can be paid.

Of course we had to stop by

Watazumi Temple.

Special dedicated to the Sea and all and everything that “plays” with it…so we did our little prayer for Alishan.

The gates are getting wet feet at high tide only.

 Traveling Tsushima North South by car takes over 4 hours (we did half of it with friends). The whole island is rough with decent hills and dense forest. Too bad we didn’t get to see any Tsushima Mountain Cats, native for this island. There are numerous hiking tracks and we love to go back and spend at least a month exploring this island with it’s friendly people, cute little harbors and nice scenery.

After a pleasant week at Tsushima, it was time to head back to Fukuoka…under perfect condition for our first try with that biggggg sail.

And with the new “bow sprit” it was a whisk to control the bugger.

We hope to be out there again soon ;-))